Why Synergize With Us?

Over four decades and two generations, the Synergy Group has set high standards in real-estate creating finest homes with unmatched value and environmental sustainability. See why Synergy is a preferred choice of first-time homeowners, advent lifestyle seekers and investors alike.

Macro & Micro

Synergy Properties puts great consideration into macro-level planning. (By selecting an optimum building location and carefully designing the building plan we ensure maximum natural light, ventilation, and natural airflow. Our goal is to ensure ease of living and to design and create community and outdoor spaces for all ages that delight you every day.

We smartly design indoor space that suits every aspect of modern yet traditional lifestyle. We design layouts using Micro planning. From entrance and living room to dining, kitchen, bedroom and baths, we create a layout and design with every minute detail and attention to even the smallest need. From the position of walls, windows and electrical footprint, we craft each home with tremendous thought for comfort, convenience, peace-of-mind and enhanced living homeowners enjoy for a lifetime.

At both stages of micro and macro planning, our overarching philosophy and guiding ethos is to make luxury the basic standard of living at every Synergy home and community..

Innovative & Durable

We constantly innovate in materials and methods we use for construction of homes to ensure durability and zero-maintenance. We use Fly Ash in bricks, concrete, brickwork mortar, wall plaster, and tiling mortar that increases durability by more than 20% compared to regular cement. We use polymer known as polypropylene in construction to make our buildings far more resistant to cracks and corrosion.

We are aware of the maintenance problems homeowners run into and thus we overcome them and ensure that they enjoy their homes fully. Over 40 years of building finest homes, we have created unique construction methods that ensure durability, aesthetics, and worry-free living for years. This is why we confidently promise you homes that will remain problem-free for a minimum of 10 years.

Best Value For Investment

Our driving principle is to always deliver beyond expectations and create properties that retain their value and get appreciated.

Sustainable Living

We care deeply for mother Earth. We have implemented various sustainability practices and green living that reduce carbon footprint, conserve and harvest water, and protect natural resources and ecosystems.

Carbon Emission Reduced by using fly ash

Environment-Conscious & Green
Building Materials

Did you know that 1 ton of cement eliminated in construction reduces carbon emissions by 500 kgs? We are one of the first builders to use fly ash in various building materials instead of cement in our construction as far as possible. We have reduced carbon emissions by 5,00,000 kgs.

We use artificial sand instead of natural river sand to prevent the depletion of the groundwater table and to preserve water bodies, which can be rendered more vulnerable to pollution when the sand along their banks is removed. This is also our way of ensuring the sustainability of agricultural communities and other human settlements whose lives and livelihood depend on rivers from which natural sand would be sourced.

Water saved every year with water conservation practices

Water Conservation

Water is life and we have implemented water conservation and harvesting across all our projects. All our projects are designed with high yield rainwater harvesting, our contribution to preserving the most precious natural resource.

Rain water harvested every year

For smart water conservation, we choose foam taps and water-efficient flushing systems that afford 25% water conservation, which has translated to almost 110 million litres water saved annually.

Units of electricity saved with solar energy

Energy-Efficient Living

We believe in harnessing the power of the sun and creating savings for you. We have implemented Solar-powered water heating that saves 1800 electricity units per flat annually. Additionally, all common areas at Synergy Properties use solar power, saving energy and reducing overall maintenance billing. Energy-efficient lights and lifts further escalate energy and cost savings.

We use battery backup instead of Diesel gen sets for power backup resulting in no air pollution, and 90% less running cost compared to Diesel generators.

Honesty, Transparency & On-Time Delivery

Honesty and transparency are our ethos and ingrained in everything we do every single day. We never make false promises and we never rest until we keep our promises. From the very first call or meeting to the entire process of home ownership and beyond, you will see honesty and transparency in our dealings.

We have a great track record of on-time project delivery. We use strict financial discipline and meticulous project management to ensure that you can move into your dream home as promised. Our foolproof development strategies establish excellent quality while adhering to timelines we promise.

Always There For You

At Synergy Properties, it’s all about nurturing the values. We treasure relationships above all. Our brand has been around for 40 years, building homes for every story. We have always been there for our customers even after 20 years of them owning Synergy property. We are always there for you in every way, ensuring maximum comfort and peace of mind that you can cherish for a lifetime, with us by your side.


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